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When we travel on the road each day, we like to believe that everyone else is following the same rules. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. Whether it’s distracted driving, driving under the influence, poor driving, or road rage, the wrong choices can lead to collisions. In the state of Louisiana, all drivers are required to have automotive insurance coverage. However, while you may have insurance coverage, if the person who crashes into your vehicle does not, it can make recovering your damages extremely challenging. This is why it can be crucial to have an experienced uninsured driver accident attorney representing you.

At The Law Offices of Ossie Brown, we fight to help our clients get the compensation they deserve. Just because someone else doesn’t follow the rules of the road, it doesn’t mean you should be the one who pays for it. Find out how our attorneys may be able to help you overcome the financial challenges that can stem from these accidents.

How Can the Loss From These Accidents Be Mitigated?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the estimated number of uninsured motorists in 2019 was 12.6 percent. Again, even if you follow the rules of the road, have auto insurance, and drive defensively, you could still become the victim of a car crash. And if you are the victim of an accident with an uninsured motorist, there is no insurance company representing them to compensate you. You may be able to sue them directly. However, they may not have the collateral to personally cover your damages.

However, Louisiana law requires auto insurance providers to offer policies that cover drivers against uninsured or underinsured drivers. Adding uninsured or underinsured coverage to your insurance policy means that, in cases where you’ve received property damage or bodily harm from an uninsured driver, you can collect compensation from your own insurance company. Understanding just how many uninsured motorists Louisianians share the road with each day, many opt for this added coverage.

How Can an Uninsured Driver Accident Attorney Help?

When it comes to taking care of their customers’ needs, many insurance companies are only interested in their own bottom line. This means that if you try to collect for your damages, they will likely fight you each step of the way. This is why it can be a significant benefit to have an uninsured driver accident attorney on your side. Our attorneys have ample experience litigating these cases, and they help you avoid getting cheated out of what you deserve.

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