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When you are arrested on a DWI or charged with any other offense, what do you do? Do you really need a criminal defense attorney? Even for a traffic citation? You may never have encountered the criminal justice system before, so yes, you need a criminal defense lawyer who knows the law and can protect your rights.

Before speaking to police, talk with one of the attorneys at The Law Offices of Ossie Brown. We’ve defended people just like you since 1984, and we have become a go-to resource for criminal defense representation in the Baton Rouge area.

We continue to build on the legacy of our late founder, Ossie Brown, who was one of the most respected defense attorneys to serve the people of Louisiana. Our Baton Rouge firm has obtained many positive defense outcomes in local, state and federal courts.

Criminal Defense Cases

In a DUI/DWI case or virtually any criminal matter, we will hear you out on circumstances and go the distance to represent you. Our team has a broad legal experience which allows us to provide a solid criminal defense in the following areas:

  • Felony charges from murder to drug possession to white collar crimes of embezzlement or fraud
  • Misdemeanor allegations such as shoplifting, domestic assault or juvenile crimes
  • Traffic tickets that can affect a commercial driver’s license or increase personal insurance rates

Our proven criminal defense lawyers can investigate and build your case when you face any criminal charge. We also work with you to clean up your criminal record with an expungement request before you start a job search or look for new housing options. Let us help you make your life easier.

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If you have a case, you need the right criminal defense attorney on your side. Get in touch with the professionals at The Law Offices of Ossie Brown today to see what can be done. Get in touch with us today by filling out our helpful form at the bottom of the page, calling (225) 343-1111, or sending us a message at Our team is happy to hear you out and help you find the right criminal defense attorney for you and your case.

"Anything you say can and will be used against you."

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This is absolutely true, and even an attempt to straighten out a situation can backfire.

Don’t wait to get help. As soon as you learn of a charge or investigation, contact us to speak with one of our skilled defense attorneys.

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