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Medical Power of Attorney in Baton Rouge

In the case of a medical emergency or a rapid decline in health, how do you plan to manage your personal affairs? Can you ensure that future medical or healthcare decisions are made appropriately? This is where a medical power of attorney (POA) is essential. It’s important to make sure that you are prepared before a life-changing event occurs by establishing power of attorney with a trusted legal advisor. The Law Offices of Ossie Brown in Baton Rouge is here to consult with you and your agent on the responsibilities of the medical power of attorney and make sure your medical wishes are legally documented.

What Is a Medical Power of Attorney, & Who Needs One?

A medical power of attorney is a legal document that assigns an agent to act on your behalf for medical decisions if you are sick or incapacitated. When you are unable to make your decisions regarding your accounts or medical needs, your agent can make these decisions on your behalf. This individual should always be someone that you deeply trust to carry out your wishes, such as a loved one or guardian.

The medical POA takes effect when you cannot communicate your wishes to your doctor or other healthcare professional. These circumstances may include:

  • Being under anesthesia.
  • Suffering a stroke or trauma that leaves you unable to speak.
  • Falling into a coma.
  • Suffering dementia or other conditions that impair your decision-making.

Your agent should be educated on your wishes at the time of signing on as your medical POA. This way, if any unforeseen circumstances arise, you and your loved ones can have the peace of mind that healthcare decisions will be made as if you were making them yourself.

How Is This Different from Other Legal Powers?

Your medical power of attorney may have similarities to other forms of medical care or legal authority. Learn the differences to understand which care or legal documentation is right for you.

  • A financial power of attorney is similar to a medical power of attorney, but your agent is given legal authority over financial decisions only. This agent may also act as your medical POA or be a separate entity altogether.
  • Guardianship assigns a consistent caregiver for your physical and emotional wellbeing. Your guardian may also be assigned as your medical POA, but their legal authority only takes action when you are incapacitated or unable to make sound medical decisions.
  • A living will is used as a guide for your end-of-life decisions. This includes whether or not to continue life-sustaining medical treatments, such as life support or medication. This document can work together with your medical POA to ensure that your medical decisions align with your end-of-life wishes.

Consult with the lawyers at The Law Offices of Ossie Brown to learn more about these legal powers. We can help you determine the right authoritative documentation for your needs.

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