What is a Pre Trial Intervention Program
Criminal Defense

What is a Pre Trial Intervention Program?

Just because someone engages in non-violent criminal activity doesn’t always mean that they’re a bad or dangerous person. Many non-violent criminals resort to disorderly behavior due to poor mental health, addiction, lack of familial support, abuse, and so much more.

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What Felonies Cannot Be Expunged in Louisiana

What Felonies Cannot Be Expunged in Louisiana?

Some people who receive a felony or misdemeanor conviction continue to suffer major consequences even after they serve time. That’s because private background check companies see their conviction on their criminal histories, which often means the former offender cannot get

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What Does it Mean to Be Indicted
Criminal Defense

What Does it Mean To Be Indicted?

If you’re a fan of true crime documentaries, you may have heard the term “indictment” before, usually in reference to a serious crime. But because the criminal justice system is quite complex and confusing, you may be wondering: what does

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is delta 8 legal in louisiana
Drug Possession

Is Delta 8 Legal in Louisiana?

In the last few years, you may have noticed more CBD stores and smoke shops pop up around town. Many of these shops sell hemp derived delta 9 and delta 8 THC products. If you’re not caught up on national

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