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College Safety

Gabby’s Law Louisiana

Gabby’s Law, a law recently inacted in Louisiana aims to reduce the number of deaths related to illicitly manufactured fentanyl and other illegal drugs by imposing stricter penalties for manufacturers and sellers of fentanyl or illicit drugs laced with fentanyl.

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safety tips for college students
College Safety

Safety Tips for College Students in Baton Rouge

College is an exciting time in a young person’s life, filled with new friends, experiences, career opportunities, as well as opportunities for personal growth. However, college can also be a threat to the average student’s safety and security, especially if

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college party safety tips
College Safety

College Party Safety Tips

Baton Rouge is arguably one of the biggest “college cities” in the state of Louisiana, all because of LSU – a university with more than 37,000 students enrolled in 2022. College life in Baton Rouge is characterized by a vibrant

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