Why Do You Need a Lawyer for a DUI?

Why Do You Need a Lawyer for a DUI?

In many situations, DUI cases feel pretty open-and-shut. However, the court can be a pretty confusing place. If you aren’t careful, you could lose even when the odds are in your favor. No matter what side you are on in a DUI case, you need the right DUI attorney in Baton Rouge to help you. Discover the reasons why you might need a DUI attorney and see what we can do for your case today.

1. You Need Someone Who Knows the Law

When it comes to the United States, every state has their own laws. Especially with something as complicated as alcohol laws. Additionally, despite being known as a “party state,” that isn’t to say that we have zero alcohol laws. And some can even get pretty specific.

For example, are you aware that passengers may not have an open container of alcohol? However, passengers on a parade float may have open containers if they are part of a krewe. Because of these very specific and thought-out laws, we can also have drive-thru daiquiris in the state without worrying. So, yes, while our laws may be a little more lax than other states, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t any less thought out, and may even be a lot more specific for different situations. 

2. It Could Affect Your Employment

Nearly every industry requires background checks in order to hire its employees. However, if you have a noticeable DUI record, it could make it increasingly hard for you to get a job. Especially if you were the type of person who is required to drive for the job itself. Employers may skip over you entirely, or just waste your time. If it’s bad enough, you could even be blacklisted from the industry. Don’t just lie down and take a DUI offense if you aren’t responsible.

3. It Could Lessen Your Punishment

Some people feel that if the blame is obvious enough, they should just admit guilt and take whatever punishment is coming their way. But that doesn’t have to be so, especially if the court wants to make an example of you. By getting the right DUI attorney in Baton Rouge, we can use our expertise to help you lessen the punishment ahead of you. That way, you can get on with your life faster and leave this charge behind.

Do You Need a DUI Attorney in Baton Rouge?

If you need help with your DUI case, we have the right DUI attorney in Baton Rouge for you. Get in touch with The Law Offices of Ossie Brown and see what we can do for you as your trusted attorneys. We’re more than happy to discuss your case and provide aid in any way we can.

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